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Vernissage Health Celebrates Convocation

Updated: Jul 15, 2022

As we use the summer to "catch our breath" and reenergize, we also celebrate a number of career and life milestones within the Vernissage Health community. June is graduation time for our students who participated in the Health Leaders Dialogue Series. This summer, one of our Vernissage Health "established leaders" also received honours at University of Toronto.

As you read about our friends and colleagues, please take a moment to be inspired. But also recognize and appreciate the talents and energy YOU bring to our Canadian health system as a health leader! Be proud - you are all truly amazing!

Established Leader Camille Orridge - U of T Honorary Degree Recipient

As a champion of health equity and an established health-care leader with a 50 year career in health care, we have been blessed that Camille Orridge has participated in Vernissage Health twice - once in the inaugural year of the student health leaders dialogue series in 2017 and again in the 2020 pilot of the Early Career Health Leaders program for IHPME alumni. Camille is an alumni of the 1983 MHSc program at IHPME, a classmate and friend.

This summer, for her pioneering leadership in health care and for promoting a more equitable and just health system, Camille received a Doctor of Laws, honoris causa, from the University of Toronto. Please take a few minutes to listen to her convocation address which contains important messages for emerging and early career health leaders:

Vernissage Health Alumni Looking Relieved and Happy after Convocation

From left to right (or top to bottom) is Punya Ross, an IHPME MHSc graduate; (Dr.) Maaike Devries, a PhD recipient and graduate of the IHPME Health Services Research Program; and Jill Shakespeare, a Rotman MBA (Health) graduate. All three graduates were participants in the Vernissage Health Leaders Dialogue Series and have contributed to our efforts as Vernissage Health "alumni".

As an alumni of Vernissage Health, Jill co hosted the IHPME/Rotman series in 2022 and will be joining me again as co host in 2023! Maaike is a member of the 5 Year Impact Study Research Team documenting the impact the Vernissage Health experience has had on the careers and leadership practices of participants since 2017 (The study is now ready for publication!) Punya Ross was a 2021 VH alumni and served as a facilitator at the Vernissage Health 5 Year Reunion in March.

Thank you all for your contributions and our deepest congratulations on these important milestones!

If you have a project or milestone you'd like to share with the Vernissage Health community, please be in touch with me at One of the five practices of exemplary leaders is recognition and celebration! We're here to support and cheer on your leadership journey!

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