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Nadisha Xavier

Senior Project Analyst, UHN Connected Care 

Class of 2018, MHI Alumni

“I am a huge fan of the Built to Lead podcast. It's fantastic to see  emerging leaders from the MHI community connect in with a diverse group of seasoned leaders in the industry. I look forward to tuning in every week! Kudos to the BTL team for dedicating your time to produce such relevant and informative content!”

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Built to Lead

Season 4: Rebels With A Cause

Season 4 Concept

When our team started to discuss what we wanted season four to be, we found ourselves ideating on a theme that resembled the need to sustain the momentum of radical change that emerged from the COVID-19 response. In a landscape where status quo is often the easiest path, we sought inspiration from those who defy the norm, challenging conventions in a pursuit of a greater purpose, and chose “Rebel with a Cause”. This season is a journey of unravelling the narratives of rebels who in their own distinctive ways are driving change, challenging the system, and making an impact. A Rebel with a Cause is not just a theme for us, it’s an exploration, celebration, and invitation to lead health system change differently, be bold and audacious, and be a force that propels positive change.  

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