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A Zoom Reunion: The Five Year Impact Study of the Vernissage Health Leaders Dialogue Series

Join the Vernissage Health Research Team on March 30 from 5:30 to 7:00 p.m for a short presentation of the Impact Study followed by interactive breakout discussions between emerging, early career and established leaders. Breakouts will be a time to socialize and discuss the future of Vernissage Health and health leadership.

See old friends, network with new friends, and reimagine health leadership of tomorrow! Register at (Registration is open to Vernissage Health Alumni - emerging and established leaders only!)

This Zoom Reunion will be the first opportunity for Vernissage Health alumni - emerging and established leaders - to receive the results of the Impact Survey and to provide input about the direction of this unique experience for our health leaders of tomorrow! Spoiler Alert: The results are positive!

During the initiative’s fifth year, a Research Ethics Board-approved research study was conducted to ascertain the extent which the aims of the program were being fulfilled, the impact of this initiative on leadership development of graduate students, and how the initiative might be deepened in future. A research team, composed of three Vernissage Health Alumni who are IHPME PhD candidates from the Health Services Research Program, designed the study, collected and analyzed the data.

Here the agenda for the Zoom Reunion:

  • Brief Welcome: Wendy Nelson, IHPME Senior Fellow and Vernissage Health Founder and Project Lead and Rosemary Hannam, Director of the Sandra Rotman Centre for Health Sector Strategy and Project Co-Lead.

  • Event Host and Moderator: Jennifer Gutberg, PhD Candidate, Health Services Research and Vernissage Health 2018

  • Presentation of Findings by Research Team: Study Co-Investigator and Member, Vernissage Health Project Team: Arlinda Ruco, Vernissage Health 2019, Maaike DeVries Vernissage Health 2020 and Husayn Marani, Vernissage Health 2021

  • Breakouts - 1 hour of semi-structured social time to reunite with friends and colleagues

  • Thank you, wrap up and next steps!

Since 2017, over 100 graduate students and early career alumni from IHPME, the Rotman School of Management and DLSPH have participated in the Health Leaders Dialogue Series. Over 50 established leaders have generously contributed their time and talents to support the development of our future health leaders. The Zoom Reunion is an opportunity to recognize and express our deep gratitude for your contributions to this unique program.

Gratitude to our partners: The Dalla Lana School of Public Health, the Institute of Health Policy, Management and Evaluation, and the Rotman School of Management in partnership with Associated Medical Services (AMS), were pleased to support Vernissage Health: A Dialogue Series for Health Care Leaders from 2017. Our partners share the aim of developing and supporting the future success of emerging leaders in health care.

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