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IMPACT: Emerging Leader Leadership Challenge becomes TEDx Talk

Have a listen to Vernissage Health alumni, Dr. Brandon Tang's recently released TEDx talk about "Healing Assembly Line Medicine":

In the fall of 2020, Brandon Tang, a 2018 graduate of the System Leadership and Innovation Program in IHPME, enrolled in the first Vernissage Health series for recent IHPME Alumni. During the series, Brandon shared his leadership challenge which was his frustration with practicing "assembly line medicine" and the barriers that prevented him from providing medical services to patients in the way he envisioned during his training.

So, since the Fall dialogue series ended, Brandon has taken action and moved forward on his plan to write, speak and advocate for change! He published an article in Healthy Debate about “deep work” the idea that healthcare providers can deliver higher quality patient care if they were allowed the time to spend with patients and plan care, rather than running on the treadmill of administrative tasks. In addition, just this month in April, his TEDx talk was released through TEDxBearCreekPark, the premier TEDx event in British Columbia where Brandon is completing his residency in internal medicine.

In July, Brandon will return to Toronto to start his Fellowship in General Internal Medicine (GIM) at the University of Toronto. During his Fellowship, Brandon also plans on completing a Masters of Education and continuing to lead change in health systems quality improvement. This Fall, Brandon will participate in a Vernissage Health webinar on 'defining and discovering deep work' in the past COVID health system.

Congratulations, Brandon! The Vernissage Health team supports your commitment to lead and make positive change! Stay tuned for more information on the upcoming webinar.

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