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Thriving and Surviving During Times of Crisis (IHPME Webinar)

In March, Vernissage Health Project Team Members - Wendy Nelson, Dr. Isser Dubinsky and Arlinda Ruco (IHPME PhD Candidate and Vernissage Health Alumni, 2020) presented a webinar on their work regarding Crisis Leadership.

This webinar explores the essential role of leaders during times of crisis, such as the COVID 19 pandemic, and the perceptions of health system leadership through the lens of emerging leaders about the execution of these roles during COVID 19. An open discussion about the implications for leadership practices, particularly for emerging and early career health leaders, is part of the webinar.

Based on the leadership experiences shared by emerging leaders during the 2020 dialogue series, the Project Team saw benefit from having emerging system leaders more formally assess their leadership performance in comparison to other leaders in their organization during Wave 1 and Wave 2 of the pandemic. A summary of the surveys' analysis and findings have been accepted for publication later in 20201 in Health Care Quarterly's special edition on leadership.

In case you missed this webinar, here is the link:

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