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Join the Dialogue: Integrating Patient and Family Engagement in Health Leadership

Updated: Oct 10, 2022

On Wednesday, November 2 at 6:30 to 8 p.m. please join other health system leaders with passion, experience and knowledge about patient, family and community engagement at this special virtual session about Integrating Patient and Family Engagement in Health Leadership. Please register at

A teaching touchstone embedded within Vernissage Health is “inclusive leadership”. The focus of our dialogue in Vernissage Health has been on how to build and lead diverse teams and ensure staff and physicians are fully engaged in health systems work. It’s a great place to start but, on reflection, we might be limiting the role health leaders play in creating a culture of inclusivity!

During the five year review process of Vernissage Health, this approach was appropriately questioned by some of our emerging leaders. They challenged us (me!) to think about inclusive leadership more broadly and how Vernissage Health might assist emerging health system leaders to better engage patients, families and the broader community in our health systems work.

I’m delighted that two IHPME Health Services Research PhD candidates who are making this a focus of their IHPME research and alumni from the 2022 Health Leaders Dialogue Series – Umair Majid and Yasmin Sheikhan – are taking this topic on as a leadership challenge! They are joined by other Vernissage Health Alumni with passion for and experience in inclusive leadership with patients, families and the community – Jill Shakespeare, Phoebe Smith-Chen, Punya Ross and Nolan D'Souza.

As a result, on Wednesday, November 2 at 6:30 p.m., Vernissage Health will convene a special virtual session entitled “Integrating Patient and Family Engagement In Health Leadership”. Health leaders will explore this topic more deeply and advise the Vernissage Health Project Team on how to deepen this aspect of leadership development within the dialogue series. Discussion questions will focus on potential benefits of patient and family engagement for leadership development, strategies to integrate engagement into Vernissage Health, and identification of potential leaders in the field to learn from and engage with in dialogue.

Registration is open to Vernissage Health alumni or feel free to share this post and invite your health leadership colleagues to join you! We look forward to an engaging conversation!

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