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Listen Up! All Episodes of Built to Lead Season 4: Rebel with a Cause Are Now Live!

All episodes of Built to Lead Podcast Season 4, Rebel with a Cause, are now available on all streaming platforms! Help us spread the learning and boost our listenership by sharing this post with your health leadership colleagues in health organizations across Canada!

In this season, our podcast team delves into what makes a "good rebel" in health care and how we, as health leaders, can challenge the status quo and inspire positive change and transformation in our health system.

An array of guest explore the elements of "rebel talent" - those who use their talents to create positive change in our health system. Guests include:

  • Live Launch (Ene Underwood, CEO of GTA Habitat for Humanity)

  • Diversity (Dr. Roberta Timothy, DLSPH),

  • Perspective (Dr. Eileen DeVilla, Toronto Public Health),

  • Curiosity (William Jones, Leynek Medical),

  • Novelty (Connie Clerici, Closing the Gap)

  • Authenticity (an intergenerational leaders panel consisting of Sahand Ensafi (MHSc), Jacklyn Pearce (QIPS) and Wendy Nelson (IHPME Faculty).

Bravo and deep thanks for the hours of volunteer time given by a talented group of "rebels" who served on the Season 4 Built to Lead podcast team. The IHPME and Rotman students and alumni contributing to Season 4 included:

  • Matthew Goulbourne (Podcast Founder, cohost and MHSc alumni)

  • Mobeen Lallani (cohost and MHI alumni)

  • Dheeraj Thakore (episode production and Rotman MBA Health student)

  • Dr. Leonet Reid (writer's room and Masters HSR student)

  • Luma Saeed (writer's room and MHSc student)

  • Hannah Hodgins (marketing and MHSc alumni)

  • Julian Wong (marketing and business development and MHSc alumni)

  • Tony Discenza (team lead until June, 2023 and MHSc Alumni) 

Built to Lead podcast is a companion offering of Vernissage Health. Affiliated with IHPME and the Rotman School of Management, Vernissage Health supports the development of emerging and early career leaders in health. Led by a dedicated team of IHPME and Rotman students and alumni, the podcast team goes beyond the conventional to explore contemporary ideas and experiences about health leadership with a diverse, new generation of leaders.

Season 4 and previous seasons of Built to Lead can be accessed at Built to Lead - The Health Leaders of Tomorrow Podcast - Hosted by Vernissage Health ( and on other streaming platforms. Thanks again and kudos to all members of the Season 4 podcast team

If you are a student or IHPME/Rotman alumni interested in joining the Season 5 podcast team, please reach out to Matthew Goulbourne (MHSc 2020) at or Dheeraj Thakore (Rotman MBA)

For more information about all Vernissage Health initiatives, please visit or contact Wendy Nelson, Founder and Project Lead, at

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